Friday, 18 July 2014

Our UK team of distributing greatness!

So after a bit of old school boardroom shuffling, a coming together of Distributing giants, a whining American and some of the usual Duck Smart banter we now have a new found sense of oneness and team of Distributing awesomeness in the United Kingdom ready to share the DS love and products to a retailer near you.

So Introducing for Cycle shops

ISON Distribution 
201 Lancaster Way
Business Park,
CambridgeshireCB6 3NX
01353 662662

and for two wheeled Powersports

Roebuck Way
Milton Keynes

0870 034 7226


Rapid Moto Distribution
Barrows Hill Farm
East Chinnock
BA22 9EY

01935 863988

If you are a Car shop, valeter or Marine dealer and you would like to stock our products please
contact us direct at the Duck HQ on

01268 750300
or email

If you would like to Distribute our products elsewhere in the World contact us again at HQ on 01268 750300 or email

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