Friday, 19 June 2015

Go Mountain Mayhem Wash Bay - Now with added Mud Slider!

Yep its that time of year, where we pack our sleeping bags, ovaltine, some pressure washers, some cleaning gubbins and our Cycle Wash bays and rock up to Mountain Mayhem to deliver our 24 Hour Wash Bay service to the masses.

Below is the Blurb that was fired out to the Mayhemers!

After hauling our wares up and down the British Isles over the last three years, the Duck Smart Wash Bay crew are well versed in ensuring riders leave events cleaner than what they arrived.

Now through a twist of fate and a trigger spray full of luck, the 24 Hour Wash Bay facilities at this year’s Go Outdoors Mountain Mayhem will be helping you to not get quite as dirty in the first place.  

Yep our Mud Slider aftercare product, which was created as a Water dispersant and mud sticking stopper for                                     Motocross, has been discovered by some filthy little urchins to be a dab hand at reducing the build-up of mud, dirt and grime on Mountain bikes.  These urchins have had some influence, as now Mud Slider is being used by all and sundry for that very same purpose throughout the industry.  
Not only does it stop the dirt from sticking it means next time you come to clean your ride its tons easier.
Now here’s why we like it... as it makes cleaning easier next time round, we figure that when you tired rider folk drop by the wash bay in the early hours of the morn and wake us from our slumbers; 1 your bike will be lighter for us to lift, and 2 it won’t take half as long for us to clean, giving us more nap time.  Everyone’s a winner.
So on that note, we encourage all you fair Mayhem folk to come visit us, this time, before your ride to apply some Mud Slider. Then after your stint, to clean up with some of our Foaming Earth Mover Bike Cleaner.
For more information on us, and our range of PH Neutral and great smelling cleaning products visit or search for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... as, yeah you got it ducksmart.
Seeya there for the Mayhem!

May has been Madness!

Jeez May has been one hellava month for us Ducks.

It started out with the gargantuan Journey up to Fort William in Scotland for the British Downhill Series, with a double puncture on the Duck Truck making it just a little more arduous.  Once we were there, ourselves, the officials, fellow sponsors and the riders who were brave enough to take on the World Cup course, had to batten down the hatches as we were hit with mental winds and driving rain.  Disregarding that though, it was another enjoyable event and its great to be part of the BDS with an awesome bunch of people.

Not one to rest on our laurels the team then did a split with Chief Duck Gary, Duck Smart Rob and Team DS Athlete Lewis Lacey all heading over to the Dirtmasters Festival at Winterberg in Germany to team up with Michael and his team from Ison Germany to strut our smelling cleaning stuff over there.

Rob was like a dog on heat and sniffed his way into the Best Whip competition (finishing in the Top 10 out of 100's who entered), whilst Lewis claimed a 4X Pro Tour Podium, happy Days.

Check out the Vid on the left to see some of the action.

Whilst all of that was kicking off over in Germany, our Paul stuck to the UK and headed the short distance to the British MXGP.  (yeah we know he gets all of the hard jobs)  At Matterley Basin he met up with our Comp winner Glenn Despres who enjoyed Pit Lane access with our supported team KRT Monster Energy MX2, as well as a signed Jordi Tixier Race shirt.  On top of meeting our DS team's Paul also finalised the deal that see's Duck Smart now as an Official Supplier of MXGP, and pretty chuffed about it we are too.

To round out the month it was back to Wash Bay duty, this time at the MX Nationals/Pro Nationals Festival Double Header at Weston Beach.  It worked out pretty well for us as we are partners of both, so we fired up 8 Wash Bays for all and sundry to use with our special Foam pressure Washer adapter grabbing some attention.

Well that was us for May.  Loads more to come in June and lots of new product development happening so keep an eye for us at Mountain Mayhem and the BDS for samples and testers.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Duck Smart proud to be an Official Supplier of MXGP!

Having been working with the chaps at Youthstream, the organisers of the MXGP World Motocross series for the past 8 months or so, and with both parties enjoying this union, its awesome for us to announce that its now Official. 

So yep, that makes Duck Smart an Official Supplier of MXGP, with our products being used to clean and spruce up the Trucks, Bikes, offices and the whole shooting match, with further Wash Bay product supply in the offing.

Here's the Official PR that has been released from Youthstream:

MAGGIORA (Italy), 12 June 2015 - Youthstream would like to announce the new partnership with Duck Smart. Duck Smart is a British based company that produces top of the range cleaning products which have all been mixed, bottled and labeled in house at their headquarters in Essex, England.
Duck Smart, as the official supplier of cleaning products for the 2015 MXGP World Championship, will supply Youthstreamwith products which will be used to clean everything such as logistics trucks, offices, bikes, etc.

 Click here for the full PR

For further info on MXGP visit them at:
Twitter: @mxgp

For more information on Duck Smart and our range of PH Neutral, foaming Bike and Car cleaners visit

or hook up with us on twitter and instagram @ducksmart or on facebook as, yep you guessed it Duck Smart