Wednesday, 16 July 2014

MXGP Treatment comp winners weekend - Take 1!

Well our 2014 MXGP Treatment competition winners weekend didn't go quite to plan although our winner Martin Foster and our team still had a great weekend and it all means we get to do it all over again.

This our worthy winner was 45 year old Martin who races in EVO meetings aboard his immaculate 1989 YZ125.  His email entry won us over explaining how he rocks up at meetings with his car, his bike on a trailer with his chief mechanic and friend from College Steve in tow. Yep old Skool.

The weekend kicked off for Martin with a suprise email containing good luck messages from DS racers and riders from all sports including legendary 3 X World MX Champion Dave Thorpe and current British MXGP star Tommy Searle.  (click the link on the side to view the vid)

The race meeting he was competing in was the 6th round of the British Evo Series at the Ham Lane track near Petersfield in Hampshire and by the time Martin had turned up the Duck Truck and DS set up was in place with dinner on the go.

Before the evening was out our winner was presented by a pimped up Thor race kit courtesy of our distibutors Madison with the printing done by our friends at Freestyle Extreme.

The Duck Truck was a bit of a squeeze but we all hit the bunks from there ready for a day of battle the next morning.    With the sun out, mechanic Steve was hooked up with a trick one off Pit board, (again thanks to our buddies at Freestyle Extreme and James at Print Shop Express), and the bike was prepped and lubed thanks to products supplied by Bel-Ray & Rapid Distribution.

All we thought was set to be an epic day as we headed down the track to watch Martin cruise round the track for his practice laps.  That was when the aforementioned YZ125 decided it was gonna have none of it and half way round lap 1 it stuttered to a halt, never to start again for the rest of the day.  Hours of frantic efforts to get the old girl back in the game were to no avail & with afternoon tea served up by our butler it was time to call it a day but not before Martin was given further goodies from Mark at Rapid Distribution in Torc1 grips, Bel-Ray lube and Risk Racing palm protectors on top of a large stash of DS cleaning goodies to keep the stubborn ol YZ gleaming.

So no video highlights package this time we are afraid but never fear we couldn't let Martin go without a full weekend of GP treatment so we will try again in a few weeks time and report back then.

A massive thanks to our distributors Madison and Rapid for supporting this weekend alongside Thor, Bel-Ray, Torc1 and Risk Racing as well as our friends at Freestyle Extreme and Print Shop Express.  Also all of the members of Team DS who sent in their good luck messages.

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