Thursday, 15 May 2014

2014 4X Pro Tour Round1 Race Report from Team DS's Lewis Lacey!

We are proud to work closely with all of our sponsored and supported racers, riders and drivers and get to know them really well.  Lewis was one of our early members of Team DS but last year was hit by injuries which pretty much took him out of action for the year.  It has been a tough ride back to fitness for Lewis but has shown how determined and talented he is with two awesome results in as many weeks starting with a 2nd in the British 4X round at Afan and then last week an amazing podium spot at the 4x Pro Tour.

Here's his race report.  Also give him a follow on twitter @lewislacey

Round 1 - 4X pro tour.
Sunny meadow Poland
It’s been a long year since I was last here, and I broke the end of the plate that was in my shoulder in the first turn. As ever always amazed with how rad the track looks. This year the guys put a monster jump at the end of the last straight.
Went up for a track walk, to see what was what and to see where it all went wrong for me last year, Built the bikes, time for a play. I wanted to have some fun, then on to the more serious stuff later (lines and all that shit)
Feeling fine and chilled, riding and track speed all good (could always do with a bit more) on to XXL schnitzel that’s why we come to Poland.
Qualifying relaxed and feeling fine, maybe a bit too relaxed as I cruised my run I was gutted with myself, but turned out I qualified 8th
A lot better than I thought, knowing I had a bit more in the tank was nice.
Rd1 there was only three of us on the gate these ones feel a bit unkind when only on person goes out, on to the next one.
Rd2 made a good gate the first straight seemed to feel effortless and a smooth run down saw me take the first spot.
Rd3 now things were heating up, with Slavik and Nate dogg on the gate I knew I needed to make a good start, gate dropped best start so far finding myself level with Slavik over the first two jumps following him closely in to turn one chasing him down making sure I could keep that 2nd spot from Nate dogg.
Rd4 it’s getting harder every time Slavik and Beaumont again we all gated together super tight first straight as I just squeezed Beaumont into turn one it was again chasing Slavik down making sure Beaumont stayed behind, I was clear second in the semi making my first Pro tour main final.
Final Slavik Prokop Slavik Lacey it goes without saying what this race was going to be, I took gate 3 (wanting 4) Prokop 4 as the Slavik’s lined up on the inside got a good snap all banging bars down first straight it was tight. After getting a bit of a slap from Prokop sending me slightly sideways into turn one leaving Thomas and Prokop to lead in 1 and 2 me in 3rd not knowing where Hannes was, bang he hit me right in the same spot as it all went wrong last year, taking my front wheel, causing me to almost hit the fence. That was it my final was over, I was never going to pull those power houses back. I sat down and took fourth place well happy with the night looking forward to round 2 Fortbill, love that first straight.
Props to the boy Master Lucas Cryer.


Lewis Lacey #414

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