Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Launching Bike Ezee, our all new Waterless Bike Cleaner!

It's been a little while in coming but we are stoked to announce that our brand new product Bike Ezee is now available on both our webshop and for dealers via our Distributors Madison.

You can throw any phrase you want at Bike Ezee but a few that do the job are, Waterless Bike Cleaner, a drywash, cycle detailer, protect and shine......

Bike Ezee removes light dirt, grease, grime and dust and is perfect for the roadie and urban cyclists, or those who like to give their bike an extra zap of shine after they have used Earth Mover to wash their mud caked cycle.

It uses a pretty simple process of spray on and wipe off with a Micro Fibre cloth, and as well as giving your bike an almighty shine it also gives your frame a protective water repelling coat.

It couldn't go without one of the famous Duck Smart smells so after testing many scents with the best noses in the industry, Bike Ezee has been given a Banana's and chocolate smell.

Also it contains no PTFE's so its safe to use on your disc brakes and any other parts of your bike.

So if you wanna go waterless when you next clean, give Bike Ezee a go.

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